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Robert Roach has personally lived and trained

daily with Chicho Lorenzo (World

Champion Jorge Lorenzos father) in

Spain for many years. Trained 1 on 1

as a pilot on all of the drills that he

developed for his son Jorge growing

up including new advanced

techniques that they would use in

the master courses with the world

championship pilots when they

come to train. He has also been

taught to be the lead

"Monitor" at Lorenzo Indoor Madrid and is proud

to say that when the world

championship pilots are scheduling

training at Lorenzo Indoor Madrid

they ask to train with him. He has

also worked and trained with:

MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo

Moto2/MotoGP Jorge Martin

Moto2 Jorge Navarro

Moto2 Augusto Fernandez

Moto3/Moto2 Tony Arbolino

Moto3/CEV/Moto2 Alonzo Lopez

Moto3 David Salvador

And trained hundreds of other

motorcycle pilots in Spain.

"Keep in mind that I have dedicated

my life to racing motorcycles and

training others as well. This is not a

hobby for me. The same techniques

that I've been taught and I will teach

you, were the foundational skills

that have taken many Spanish

motorcycle pilots to the world

championship level."