Super moto

Saturdays,  at 

Musselman Honda Circuit

Current schedule

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We have a new Service and Parts source. KTM Tom is a KTM specialist that lives and breathes all things Orange. He is a KTM suspension service specialist. He can convert a Dirt or MX suspension to full Supermoto. 

From Tom himself;

Be sure to let the SUMO guys know to let me know if they're contacting me as a result of being associated with SW Sumo, are a SUMO guy, or know someone who is. They'll all get "super" discounted/preferred pricing on any parts and service too of course. Tom

Saturday,   1/14 - 1/29

Supermoto practice at PKRA, 1 PM to 5 PM

We are actually going to have a race on the 14th but will be open for practice for anyone not interested in racing, we are going to start a four-month eight race series in conjunction with Musselman Honda circuit!
The 29th will be practice only, we are going to have two races a month, one at Musselman Honda should typically be the third Sunday of the month and one at PKRA through April.
The points combination between the two tracks will determine the champion!

Two classes, amateur and expert. If there are any youth they will run with the amateur class and be scored separately. Before and after the races will be Open practice available for all and anyone who does not wish to participate in the actual race.

PKRA Will be asphalt only, all are welcome, we will still be having open track day for people who do not want to race at PKRA and at Musselman Honda.

Mussman Honda will have asphalt with dirt section. In the future I do not think they will all be doubleheader weekends but that is how we are going to start and try to end the season. points including both tracks will determine the winner in amateur and expert classes.

We are each going to have four races. They will be combined in points to determine the champion in both classes.  PKRA will have four rounds and Musselman will have four rounds, no separate championship just a combo from both tracks to build the club!
The winter series Southwest SuperMoto championship!
We will start a night series in June and have four rounds each again for the summer series Southwest SuperMoto championship

Gates Open earlier for Kart race. Come anytime.

Come on out and Ride!