We have a new Service and Parts source. KTM Tom is a KTM specialist that lives and breathes all things Orange. He is a KTM suspension service specialist. He can convert a Dirt or MX suspension to full Supermoto. 

From Tom himself;

Be sure to let the SUMO guys know to let me know if they're contacting me as a result of being associated with SW Sumo, are a SUMO guy, or know someone who is. They'll all get "super" discounted/preferred pricing on any parts and service too of course. Tom

Super moto

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Saturdays,  at 

Musselman Honda Circuit

-10/21st/22nd/23rd /16 AMA National-

Supermoto Racing

Saturday,   12/10

Supermoto practice at PKRA, 1 PM to 5 PM
Gates Open earlier for Kart race. Come anytime.

We will have 3+ dates in January and February.

We will have a new race schedule coming out for Musselman Honda Circuit.

We car going to hold a amatteur and expert race season including PKRA and Musselman Honda for amateur and expert class. PKRA will be asphalt only, Musselman Honda Circuit will include asphalt and dirt and we will combine the points championship for the season.

Come on out and Ride!

Current schedule